"Urban Wildlife Specialists"
Providing Commercial & Residential Bat & Pigeon Relocation Since 1995
Each year bats, pigeons and other wildlife create a variety of nuisance problems for mankind. They surface in a variety of ways, ranging from squirrels chewing through wires to bat inhabiting buildings. Bats and pigeons can cause a health risk because their feces known as "guano" can cause histoplasmosis.

American Wildlife Relocators specializes in nuisance wildlife control. We service the entire southeast on bat and pigeon removal. We are experts in our field and can offer professional, dependable service. We are fully licensed and insured and offer a full warranty on our work.

If you are out of our service area or have other types of wildlife problems, one of our trained specialists can assist you with their knowledge and expertise on handling the wildlife problem yourself. We can also provide you with the supplies you need. We offer consultations on how to use the traps and repellents to take care of the wildlife problem. If wildlife gets to close for comfort, call the professionals to handle the problem yourself! Please see our Order Products page at the top on the left side of your screen for more information and pricing or click HERE

If you are interested in a career in your own wildlife business, please see Business Opportunity at the bottom on the left side of your screen click HERE  

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