1)BAT & PIGEON REMOVAL AND CLEANUP American Wildlife Relocators will remove bats or pigeons from your structure at any geographical location. We specialize in bat removal and warranty our work. Bat guano cleanup can be a hazardous task but our trained professional have the necessary training and specialize in guano removal. We sanitize each area according to the Center for Disease Control's guidelines. Each building can be certified that any health hazard has been eradicated.

2)ON SITE CONSULTATION American Wildlife Relocators can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to perform the work yourself. We will travel to your location, assess the situation and explain step by step what you need to do to alleviate the problem yourself.(Please note: We only advocate live removal)***

3)PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION American Wildlife Relocators will assess your problem & offer you a customized plan to force the natural migration of the bat. We will explain step by step what you need to do to alleviate the problem yourself.(Please note once again: We only advocate live removal)***

 For pricing information about one of the above mentioned services we offer email us
Please include the city & state where you are having the problem, how long the problem has been there, and the dimensions of the building in which they are living. We will respond immediately to your inquiries.

***STATE WILDLIFE LAWS Each state has it's own set of rules and regulations regarding wildlife. If you plan to do the work yourself, you must first contact your state department of wildlife to determine if they will let you do the work yourself. There are species of bats that are state or federally protected. You must be sure you will not be in violation of any wildlife laws before you endeavor on bat removal. Also, please be aware that there have been reported cases of bats with rabies. You must exercise extreme care when dealing with any wildlife due to exposure to diseases. Proper caution should be excercised in all cases. TO GO TO OUR HOME PAGE, PLEASE CLICK HERE